Don’t let West Byron Mega development drown the town.




Submissions should be emailed to

Byron Shire Council: submissions@byron.nsw.gov.au
by Thursday 29 March 2018 by 4.30 pm.

No decision has been made to implement the West Byron mega development.

The final decision will be made some months from now by a 5 person Joint Regional Planning Panel (JRPP), following public consultation and a local public hearing by the JRPP which will be held in Byron Bay.

The JRPP panel is persuaded by community opinion. The JRPP’s members are required to apply the “precautionary principle”. This means developers must prove there are no unacceptable adverse consequences of the project.

Your written submissions need to reflect the diversity of objections as a mum or dad, teenager or grandparent, surfer, tradesperson, businessperson or local resident. Maybe someone who loves nature, a retiree on how this project will personally adversely affect you and Byron Bay. Tell them real stories of how it will affect you as an objector and the region rather than just repeating the objections.

(the two can be similar) to:
by Thursday 29 March 2018 by 4.30 pm.

First email subject heading: 10.2017.201.1-Various Properties Villa World

Second email subject heading: 10.2017.661.1-Various Properties Site R&D PTY LTD

Want to do it quickly? Short cut which just takes 3 minutes:
Use the quick submission form at http://byraofficial.com.au/
(courtesy BYRA – Byron Young Residents Alliance)

How about sending a CC of your submissions to our two local NSW Members of Parliament.
The Greens Tamara Smith: ballina@parliament.nsw.gov.au
The Nationals Ben Franklin: ben.franklin@parliament.nsw.gov.au

Making Two Submissions
is as simple as A B C.

All you do is to send two emails.
A. Say who you are (name, address, role, vocation, volunteer role, community group member, etc.)
B. Say why you are opposed to both DAs.
C. Pick 3-4 issues that most concern you and say something about these.

Why 2 Development Applications?

When the owners wanted to rezone this land, the single group lobbied Ministers officials to change the zoning for all the land. When this rezoning was done, planning decisions were made for the entire site: where to put roads, infrastructure, and number of houses, open spaces, etc.
Given the difficulties with the nature of the land itself, some owners find they have less development options than others. So the group split: Villa World (owner Terry Agnew) and Site R&D PTY LTD [mostly local owners ]. Each put in a separate Development Application.

The community – you and I – and the JRPP are left with reviewing two applications which don’t match up. These two DAs raises other planning issues, all of which will leave the community worse off.

That’s why two submissions are required. Many of the problems with the site are still the same and apply to both DAs. But remember – bad as it seems, it’s not a done deal!

Want more detail?

Development Applications:
Villa World | R&D PTY LTD

Factsheets compiled by the Northern Rivers famous Ecologist, Dailan Pugh OAM

(4 pages PDF)

(20 pages PDF)

Dailan Pugh’s submission on West Byron:
(168 pages PDF 14MB)
BEACON West Byron Submission DAs